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10/17/2009 @ 6:57:58 pm by publicservantsrule.com

Disaster Preparedness

All kinds natural disasters, man-made and terrorist attacks happen all over the country.  It is imperative to be prepared for them ahead of time.  There are things everyone can do to be prepared.



Families can and should have the following supplies on hand:


  - A fully stocked first aid kit.

      It should be completely up to date.

      Thoroughly inspect it every 4 � 6 months.

      Anything that is expired, should be thrown away and

      replaced immediately.


  - Enough food and water to last three days.


  - Medical information for yourself and all members of

    your family as well as all medication for all of you.


  - Flashlights


  - Battery operated radios and televisions.


  - Blankets


  - Clothes


  - Cell phone � if you have one and charger


Infant supplies

  - Formula

  - Diapers

  - Clothes


Toys and games for kids to keep them occupied.


Portable Gas powered Generator if you have a house.


Items for pets -  if you have one

  Pet Food

  Pet Medications

  Pet Medical History

  List of Hotels/Motels that allow pets or List of Pet


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