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DIAL 911  FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.  In most areas you can call 311 for city service information and non emergency calls.  In some areas you can call 211 for general information about a variety of topics.  Check to see if your area has started either 211 or 311 help lines.


This section is for general information and articles that pertain to Fire, EMS and Police together and items of public interest.
Chile Mine Accident
On 08/05/2010, a mining accident trapped 33 miners in a copper and gold mine about 2,000 feet below ground in Cioiapo, Chile. For the first 17 days they were trapped with unknown certainty. On 08/22/2010, a drill came through; one person tapped on it and taped a note to it. The note showed, all alive and well. From then until 10/12/2010, the hole was enlarged so supplies could be sent down. The hole was enlarged again so the rescue capsule could go through it. On 10/12/2010, after some testing, a rescue worker/paramedic was sent down to access the miners and assist loading them in the capsule for the ride to the surface. It took a little over 22 hours for all 33 miners to be sent to the surface. During that time 5 more rescue workers were sent down. It took an additional 2.5 to 3 hours to bring all 6 rescue workers back to the surface. The recovery efforts, with success was televised on 8/12 and 8/13 around the world.

Congratulations go to the miners for a job well done, and surviving to 70 days of entrapment. The families of the miners deserve a round of applause for the support of the miners and rescue workers. The rescue workers should be congratulated for a job well done and completing the total rescue almost 2.5 months early. The actual rescue was expected to take at least 36 hours, best case scenario. It took 22 hours, a full 14 hours earlier than expected. The government and people from Chile should be proud and congratulated on the accomplishment completed and a job well done.

The rescued miners may be back on the surface with there family and friends but will need a lot of help and support in the future due to this experience.
Back to School Safety

Many students across the country have gone, or will go back to school now.  Motorists need to keep this in mind during school hours and travel times before and after school during the week until June.  Children need to be reminded of how to cross streets safely as they walk to and from school.  They need to be reminded to look both ways before crossing streets.  Remind them to cross streets only at crosswalks and where there is a crossing guard if the road is a busy, high traffic thoroughfare.


Children while on a school bus should remain seated, remain quiet as to not disturb the driver and possible cause an accident or hurt other students.


Pay attention to school zones signs.  Obey speed limits on them.  In many states fines and penalties can double for disobeying them.


Be mindful of school buses.  If they are stopped to pick up or drop off children, traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop except for divided roadways.  This is required in most, if not all 50 states.  Fines and penalties for violating such laws can vary from state to state.


Motorists also need to be careful around the schools when parents pick up and drop off their children in front of the schools.


Crossing Streets and Pedestrian Safety


Things Pedestrians can do


1.  Always cross a busy non-residential street at a crosswalk or corner, never in the middle of a block.


2.  Always look both ways to make sure that traffic is clear or is stopped at a light.  If present you should always use the crosswalk signal.


3.  When walking on a busy street, be careful to limit the use of Bluetooth® devices and ear phones for iPods, cell phones and other devices.  They can distract you and keep you from being aware of your surroundings.


4.  When walking outside after dark, always wear light colored clothing so that drivers can see you.



Things Drivers can do


1.  Never drive while under the influence of mind altering drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol.


2.  Always pay attention to your surroundings.


3.  Do not use a cell phone or PDA while driving.  In some states it is illegal to use them while driving.


4.  Do not eat in the car, apply makeup, read a newspaper, etc. while the car is in motion and keep all other distractions to a minimum.


5.  Keep your speed at the posted limit and obey all other traffic laws in order to operate any vehicle in a safe manner.


With the above tips, it is clear that with a healthy amount of cooperation, respect and consideration between drivers and pedestrians can share the road safely.

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