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8/21/2009 @ 7:52:07 pm by publicservantsrule.com

Effects of Budget Cuts on Public Servants

It seems like the Fire Service and Police Departments are usually one of the first things that get the budgets cut in hard times.  As for the Fire Service, orders for new equipment for Fire and EMS has been cancelled due to budget cuts.  Fire Houses could be closed which would result in a longer response time for the call.  It also cuts down on Trainnng so firefighters are not kept current and can not work more effectively which could put them in more dangerous situations.  This means that current equipment is kept in service longer than it probably should be and will break down more.  On the EMS side of things, besides the above things for the Fire Service, it could increase the response time for medical units and put the publics safety in more danger and causing longer times to get the patient the necessary treatment.  As for the Police Departments, it takes officers off of patrol and takes them longer to respond to calls.  The Training also applies to Police Departments as it does with the Fire Service.  It would effect all three  by cutting down on the purchasing of better and improved tools and supplies to assist in performing their jobs more efficiently.

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