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3/13/2009 @ 10:52:18 am by publicservantsrule.com

EMS In The Community

All around the world there is need for medical professionals to treat patients. Sometimes it is impossible for the patient to come to the doctor. The remedy is to send the medical staff to the patient. Thus, the creation of the ambulance provider. The ambulance transported patients to doctors and hospitals in the past. Today, the emergency response has changed drastically with the development of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

EMS has advanced response and treatment to higher levels. Instead of just moving a patient, the EMS can provide on scene care and care in transit. The EMS is a very integral part of a community. These professionals are capable to respond to vehicle accidents. They also have disaster preparedness and can respond to terrorism. The EMS gets attention from the Department of Homeland Security and work well with public safety sectors like police and fire. The EMS serves the community as a very high quality pre-hospital care for all kinds of accidents and emergencies.

As great as they are, the EMS professionals unfortunately have to deal with their own share of problems. There often is a volunteer shortage. There are the high costs of serving in sparsely populated rural areas. Plus, there is the concerns of fewer tax dollars, dated equipment and the health care of aging residents. A small staff must contend with a slow response time due to multiple calls at the same time. Even with these day-to-day inconveniences, the EMS is a needed service for every community.

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