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DIAL 911  FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.  In most areas you can call 311 for city service information and non emergency calls.  In some areas you can call 211 for general information about a variety of topics.  Check to see if your area has started either 211 or 311 help lines.


This page is a tribute to Law Enforcement Officers who died in the Line Of Duty. We here at publicservantsrule.com would like to send our condolences to the families and co-workers of these people.
If you know of someone in this situtation since 01/01/2009, you can email a picture along with the name, station and date of death to master@publicservantsrule.com for insertion on this page.

        Sgt. Mark Dunakin                Sgt. Daniel Sakai
   Oakland, California PD        Oakland, California PD
            03/21/2009                          03/21/2009

      Sgt. Ervin Romans               Officer John Hege
   Oakland, California PD        Oakland, California PD
            03/21/2009                          03/24/2009
For other pictures and information, click here for amw.com.  This will take you out of publicservantsrule.com.
For a list of Federal Officers Line of Duty Deaths since in United States 2009 click here.  To see a list of all other Officers except Corrections since 2009 click here.  To see a list of all Police K9's since 2009 click here.  For Corrections Officers since 2009 click here or go to Corrections In Memory of page.  If one was inadvertently missed, I apologize and if you email to me, I will include it on the list.  To view a list from U.S. Territories or other countries click on the territory or country below.

U. S. Territories
                America Samoa
                Federated States of Micronesia
                Marshall Islands
                Midway Island
Northern Mariana Islands
                Puerto Rico
                U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
                U.S. Virgin Islands 


Other Countries


        British Virgin Islands
        Costa Rica
        Dominican Republic
        Falkland Islands
        Faroe Islands
        Hong Kong
        Korea North
        Korea South
        New Zealand
        Northern Ireland
        Northern Ireland
        Saint Lucia
        Saint Martin's
        Saint Vincent
        South Africa
        United Arab Emirates
        United Kingdom
        Vietnam North
        Vietnam South

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