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5/30/2011 @ 8:06:25 pm by publicservantsrule.com

Swimming Pool Safety

As the weather heats up for the summer, many public and private pools are opening up fir the summer.  We wish to pass on some valuable safety tips for the summer swimming season!


- Pools should have barriers or fences as least four feet high that completely surrounds the pool.  Fences should have no foot holds or hand holds or diamond shaped holds larger than 1.75 that would allow a child to climb over the fence.  They should also not contain vertical slats larger than 4 wide that would allow children to squeeze through the fence.  Fences should have a self locking gate.


- Never allow anyone to run around a pool.  People should walk any time they are around a pool.


- Never allow small children to play in or around a swimming pool with out strict adult supervision.


- All other people should swim with a buddy.  Never swim alone.


- Never allow the use of alcohol around a swimming pool.  It lowers inhibitions and judgment.


Take breaks for food, water and rest.  Swimming while tired is dangerous and more likely to cause drowning.


- Use plenty of waterproof sunscreen of SPF30 or higher.  Reapply every two hours.


With some common sense and knowledge of basic safety rules, you can stay safe and still have fun and a happy summer.

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