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4/29/2011 @ 8:49:40 pm by publicservantsrule.com

Motor Cycle Safety

Helmets for motorcycle riders save lives.  Twenty-seven states have some form of partial helmet law in place.  Twenty states and Washington DC have universal helmet laws in place.  Three have no helmet laws whatsoever.  Motorcycle riders should always check with their states or states they visit to determine what if any helmet laws exist.  In addition to following helmet laws, riders should also be aware of the following safety tips and use them.


  • Just like you should never drive a four-wheeled vehicle under the influence of alcohol or mind altering substances, you should never ride a motorcycle under the influence either.
  • Also never let friends ride under the influence.  Take their keys away and drive them home or call a taxi for the,
  • Wear protective clothing while riding.  It should cover the body and provide some injury protection.  Clothing should contain bright colors and reflective material to make it easier for other people to see you, especially at night.
  • Never tailgate.
  • Ride within your lane.
  • Always obey posted speed limits.
  • Use caution while traveling in inclement weather conditions, over gravel or other rough surfaces.


All in all, a little common sense, consideration for other drivers and riders, as well as respect and obedience for traffic safety laws can go along way to keeping you and others safe on the road.



Source:  CDC

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