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5/30/2009 @ 7:34:38 pm by publicservantsrule.com

Fire Apparatus History

The first Fire Company was established in Boston, Massachusetts on 01/27/1678. The first citizens Bucket Brigade was established 12/07/1736, in Philadelphia, Pa. by Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin is considered to be the father of the Fire Department. The first hand pumper came from England in the 1700 While the first Steam Engine came from England, New York used the first Steam Engine in 1840 . All of the above was done by volunteers in the appropriate communities. In Cincinnati, OH. On 04/01/1853, was the first city to establish paid professional fire fighters. Other firsts in the fire service was in 1868 � first horse drawn Ladder Truck, 1906 � fist motorized Fire Engine, 1930 � first motorized Ladder Truck, 1951 � first Fire Boat, and in 1951 � the first Squad. Today, besides the above apparatus, the Fire Department used Towers, Quints, Tele-Squirts, Tankers, and Light Trucks. Some Fire Companies used Jeeps and other 4-wheel vehicles for off the road fires in fields and woods.

A lot of Fire Companies also have Advance Life Support and Basic Life Support Ambulances for transporting people from various locations to a hospital emergency room for medical conditions.

They also used regular vehicles as command or support vehicles.

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  • James @ 07/25/2011 ( 11:52:22 AM )
    Waterous Company manufactured the first motorized fire engine in 1906. Mack Truck Company was making motorized fire engines starting in 1910. 1930 is wrong.
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